Decorative Water System Tools & Resources

We believe that all facets of life are affected by water, and that is why we are committed to making high-quality water and pond products. We’ve filled this segment with pump solutions, equipment sizing assistance, helpful calculating formulas, and creative outdoor ideas to assist you with all your water system needs. With a vast offering of hydroponic, aquarium, and dewatering pumps to water garden, fountains, and accessories you’ll have all you need for creating the perfect space.

Helpful Little Giant Resources

We’ve been providing key solutions to a variety of clients for over 70 years, making us the brand of choice in the Water Transfer Market. We hope the Outdoor Living Literature, Pond Design Grid, Landscaping Brochures, and Water Gardening PDFs in this section, will help current and prospective customers answer questions and make educated decisions.

Sizing Assistance

Select this section to learn how to size your pond or water feature step by step

How to Read a Pump Curve

Learn how to read a pump curve so you can choose the proper pump for your application

Design Grid - pdf

Grab our design grid template to aid in the design of your project.