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Little Giant is your destination for all of your Little Giant Pumps for water garden, pool, pond, aquarium, and fountains.  Since 1941 Little Giant has provided the finest quality and innovative products available in the world. Our team of engineers works closely with real-world contractors to enhance current technology and to discover new innovations to make installing and maintaining your pond and water feature a breeze.  

Our complete, durable and long-lasting product line ranges from pre-built Little Giant water features and fountain kits to pond lights, pond filters, pond liners and pond care and maintenance products for the advanced DIYers and professionals.  Shop Now!

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Little Giant Pumps

Little Giant Pumps are the heart of any water feature, fountain or pond because circulation is the key to a healthy aquatic environment.

>  Direct Drive Water Pumps
>  Magnetic Drive Water Pumps
>  External Use Pumps
>  Wet Rotor Pumps
>  Search by Flow Rate

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Pond Lights & Controls

Sculpt water and landscapes with light, adding just the right amount of brightness and color saturation to inspire, soothe, and invigorate a special occasion.

>  Halogen Pond Lights
>  LED Pond Lights
>  LED Egglites
>  Multi-Color LED Pond Light
>  Power Control Center

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Fountains & Kits

Fountains and water features are an easy and affordable way to enhance any home, garden or business with soothing sounds of water. 

>  Classical Fountains™
>  Disappearing Fountain Kits
>  Fountain Nozzles
>  Waterfall Weirs
>  Water Fountain Basins & Vaults

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